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Timeless lights that transcend fleeting trends and stands the test of time.

Singular Lighting was established with the conviction that light has a profound influence on our everyday lives. Our mission is to create timeless lights that transcend fleeting trends and stands the test of time.

Fixtures by Singular Lighting combine sustainable materials with the latest technology, complementing residential, commercial, office, healthcare and hospitality spaces.

We focus on creating better human experiences. Singular Lighting offers a series of technological innovations that combine visual and acoustic comfort to enhance people’s quality of life.

Our products are designed and manufactured in Barcelona and Madrid. We strongly believe in supporting local manufacturers and artisans, allowing us to observe and choose the development and production of our fixtures carefully and consciously.
As a result, our product’s quality and reliability can elevate any given experience.

In an effort to offset our carbon footprint, we partner with the One Tree Planted initiative. For every light sold, we plant one tree in the Andes Mountains, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future. [LEARN MORE]


2022 // Frankfurt
Light + Building Autumn Edition
2022 // Mallorca
The Design Room
2021 // Madrid
Producto Fresco 10 años
2020 // Madrid
Producto Fresco
2019 // Madrid
Ese Objeto de Deseo - IKB+Caotics
2019 // Madrid
Producto Fresco - DIMAD
2019 // Madrid
2019 // Barcelona
2018 // Frankfurt
Light + Building
2018 // London
Design Junction
2018 // Vancouver
2018 // Madrid
2018 // Madrid
Producto Fresco
2017 // London
Design Junction
2017 // Madrid
Producto Fresco