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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I place an order?

Placing an order is easy and intuitive.

  1. Browse and/or search our catalogue for items.
  2. Select the desired attributes for the item (e.g. size, colour, length) and the amount by checking the relevant boxes.
  3. Click ”Add to Quote”. You will now be directly transferred to a list and form to send the quotation request.
  4. After a successful transaction of the payment, you will receive an automatically generated confirmation by email.
  5. Within 24h (Monday – Friday) we will send you an order confirmation by email with a more precise date for shipping from our factory.

What are the payment options?

Currently, we accept wire transfers only.

How do i know if my order went through?

After successful transaction of the payment you will receive an automatically generated confirmation by email that your order has been successfully completed and submitted.

Within 24h (Monday – Friday) we will send you an order confirmation by email with a more precise information on shipping.

If you have a question about your order please contact us, we’ll be happy to help answer your questions.

What do I do if there is an error or I need to change my order?

If you notice any error in your order, write to us immediately so that we can try to solve the matter as soon as possible.

Can I cancel an order?

You can cancel an order as long as we haven’t started building your light. You may contact us here.

Are there any special conditions for professionals or big orders?

Every interior design professional  (architects, interior designers, and advisors)  can contact directly with our commercial department. We will study each case according to your needs to offer you the best possible terms.


Delivery times

We ship to any corner of the world. Delivery dates will be confirmed by e-mail after the order has been placed.  Delivery times are usually 3-4 working days for stock products and 15 working days for customised products.

How do I know when my order has been shipped?

We will keep you informed at all times. When you make the order you will receive an email with a summary. When the order leaves our warehouse you will be sent another email with the tracking number and the shipping company so that you can check the status of the order.

What do I do if my order is delayed?

Our delivery partners are professionals in the delivery of items and compliance with given delivery times. Nevertheless, if you have the experience that your delivery is exceptionally late or lost, contact the respective shipping partner and also let us know so we can track it from our side.

What do I do if the merchandise is damaged on arrival?

Despite great care and preparation, such situations can never be completely ruled out. We regret if you have such an experience and we are committed to solving this request immediately. Please follow the steps in our Return Policy.


Where are the lights produced?

All our products are crafted in Barcelona and Madrid. Woodwork is handcrafted in Barcelona.

The aluminum profiles are made in Spain.

Are your products sustainable?

We care about the environment and only produce long-lasting life lights.

Our products are mostly made of recycled aluminum and certified wood.

We try to use as little plastics as we can.

We use high-efficiency LED drivers and LEDs modules (Up to 188 lm/W)

We use long service life LEDs (Up to 54.000hs)

We use mainly cardboard for shipping.

Read our Sustainability Commitment to learn more about the manufacturing of our products and the initiatives we embrace to compensate our carbon footprint.

Can I install the lights myself?

The table and floor lamps can be easily plugged into the socket.

Pendant lights, wall lights, and ceiling lights should be installed by a professional electrician to avoid accidents or damaging the lamps.

What is color temperature? (Measured in Kelvin)

Color temperature is a way to describe the light appearance provided by a light source. It is measured in degrees of Kelvin (K)
The lower the Kelvin value the warmer (1800K -3000K)  the higher the Kelvin value the colder (4000K – 6000K).
1850K – Candle flame, sunset/sunrise
2700 K – Standard incandescent lamps
5000K – Horizon daylight
6000K – Daylight, overcast
In homes, between 2700 and 3000 K is mostly used, as this produces a traditional warm yellow glow. However, for a working environment, a higher color temperature (4000 K – 5000K) is a better choice. Learn more about light color temperature.

What are the dimming options?

We have plenty of configurable options for controlling your lights. Learn More.

How long will my light last?

Our lights are designed to last.

On our 3-year warranty lights, the LED life expectancy is +30.000hs, which means 3.750 days working 8 hours a day (+10 years)

On our 5-year warranty lights, the LED file expectancy is +54.000hs. Which means 6.750 days working 8 hours a day (+18 years).