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Flexible solutions for controlling your lights

PUSH Dimming (Switch Dim, Analogue)

A dimming method using a simple retractive (non-latching) switch.  A short push of the switch turns the driver on/off, while a long push dims up and down.

DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface)

DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is a lighting interface system that allows lighting to use a digital signal for more precise and flexible control. Using a two-way method, the system enables the user to communicate with the lights, via a DALI controller, which is typically a computer system with software or dimming controller.


Casambi allows you to control the illumination of your bluetooth­ luminaires via the Casambi app on your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch.

Casambi can be used to create effective illumination, transitions, an enhanced environment, or product highlighting simply by the swipe of your smart device. The Smart Wireless Casambi technology can be integrated into some of our lights using a Bluetooth module.

Connecting a series of Casambi enabled lights provides users with a fully controllable, wireless mesh network. The intelligence of the system is replicated in every node and, creates a system with no single points of failure.